Soldier Of The Earth

Soldier of the Earth Ruler of the skies Eternity in your hands Galaxies in your eyes You’re not a spark Or a flame Your the whole damn sun A galactic wildfire Shining just for fun.

You are the Universe

You are the universe, but you don’t know it, or how you control it, just like you don’t tell your thyroid gland to work, you don’t tell the stars to shine. If I am my foot then I am the sun. But we think that we are something IN our body, we think we are…

The Cosmic Seekers

Nature is truth And truth is real For far too long we search for what we feel.   We purge in fires of passion We drown in oceans of despair We soar on clouds of bliss, Yet we seek the peace truth reveals. It is nature that we feel, In our hearts fire pours and…

The Night Sky

Why do we find the glittery night so comforting? Is it that we are inherent seekers, that we have always gazed up at the shiny sky and wondered whats out there, our curiosity drives us to discover? Or is it that we find comfort from the feeling unity when looking at the starry night? Is…

Treat Yoself

Invest time in yourself. Talk to yourself and do things your interested in. Tell yourself you love you. Tell yourself that you are worthy and that you deserve the world. Tell yourself that you hold eternity in your hands and have the galaxies in your eyes, you are a beautiful burning star that is loved…

You Are It

We are shining the sun and growing the trees just as much as we are digesting our food and beating our hearts.

Oh Sweet Child

Oh sweet child But you are the glowing of the moon And the shining of the sun There is no moment to seek Besides this eternal one In which we are magic And reality is the show Blowing stars off of dandelions And making galaxies in the sand

Right Now

The only time to look forward to is right now!


Optimism is not blindingly and ignorantly seeing the world as a pure and beautiful place. No, it is looking at the world and seeing how bitter and evil it can be, and choosing to focus on the beauty, the magical and pure moments of everyday life, it’s choosing to spread positivity and love in a…

Beauty in The Dark

Even in the darkness of the night there is the moon to guide you and when she is away the stars are there to comfort you, displaying the beauty of the universe.