Let people know that you care about them, that you love them, that you thought about them today on your drive home. Tell people how you feel about them, about how you think about them when the sun starts to set or when you hear the crashing of waves against the shore. And not because…

I Wanna Run

I wanna run away from here And leave my home I wanna go where the trees are green And people I don’t know,   Run barefoot through the fields Smell the colours of the flowers Look up at the sky Stare at the stars for hours Love like the moon Shine like the sun.  …

Love yourself, The Universe

You are loved and everything is going to be alright. Remember that you are an incredible beautiful being of the universe, you are not separate from the universe but you are the universe itself experiencing itself through your eyes. YOURE IT! How incredibly empowering is it to know that you yourself are the entirety of…

Love Unites Us

Love unites us It breaks down walls It heals our wounds It won’t let us fall It floods our brains It fills our hearts It spreads through our empty souls Making us whole.

Four Line Poetry

When everything is gone And nothing is left We will find ourselves Amongst the mess.

Beautifully Broken

A sweet strawberry kiss From a young mysterious miss Her skin Her lips Her every touch Clouds of ecstasy Oceans of bliss.   It must be a dream It always ends like this.   Collapsing stars and Broken heart The sun and the moon Were never meant To Part.

The Battle Inside

I confronted my heart I fought with my mind The only solution   Kill myself   A thousand times Only then could I make amends Show my body My soul They too can be friends.

Inside Paradise

I have a secret Garden in my mind With daffodils and wildflowers In wide open fields Stretching for hours and hours With silky pink clouds and Golden bursts of sky A place so pure Even the strongest of gods will cry.

You Are Enough

You are what you’re meant to be. you are who you’re meant to be. You are everything you’ve ever wanted to be. I know its been carved into your mind that you aren’t good enough unless you are pretty or smart, or own the latest clothes, or follow the latest trends or have loads of…

Light and Dark

We often praise the stars for their sparkling beauty but we fail to appreciate the backdrop of darkness that provides a platform for the stars to shine and show themselves to the universe. We must appreciate both the light and the dark for neither can exist independently of one another. This is comforting because this…