Protect Your Heart

You don’t protect your heart by pretending you don’t have one. You protect your heart by making it strong and able to take hits, because no one can stop the hits from coming, but YOU can stop the hits from affecting your heart.    

Surround Yourself With Positivity

You have the right and responsibility to surround yourself with people who are good for the best part of you – Jordan B Peterson. It is up to you to decide who you want and do not want in your life, and if someone does not want the best for you then you probably do…

Today You Are Enough, But Tomorrow You Might Not Be

You are enough, yes and you are everything you are meant to be. But in a years time this current version of you won’t be enough, if you stay the same person you will not be enough in a year from now or even a month, who knows. The point is it’s okay to be…


You might not always end up where you want to be, but you’ll always end up where you’re meant to be.  

Lonely Days

It’s on lonely days like these that I appreciate the blueness of the sky and the puffiness of the clouds. I appreciate the softness of the breeze and the melodies of each leaf on the trees. I find myself lost in all the countless different blues in the sky that all just fade into one…

I Love

I love to dance but they say I can’t I love to sing but they say I suck I love to play but they say I’m lame I love to write but they say I’m wack Despite all that Ill continue to do what I love.