Leave stains of kisses

Let the marks you leave behind be kisses, not scars.

Let the actions you’ve made create positivity, not negativity.

We get to decide the mark we have on the world, we can leave a path of love and beauty, or we can leave a path of destruction and hate.

In every moment that you live you can decide to create a garden of paradise for yourself and all the beings around you, or a forest of darkness and despair for yourself and all living things around you.

Let me give you an example;

You may be studying at university, working at a desk job, regardless you encounter and interact subtly with many people everyday. The people you make eye contact with you can either frown at them, look away, or give a friendly smile, and it doesn’t matter if they smile back or not. When you greet your colleagues, acquaintances or even strangers you can decide to greet them happily and ask how they are feeling and so on, making small but meaningful positive interactions with people, or you can decide to be grumpy and even ignore these people with which you interact. These small acts may seem insignificant but they have a big impact on many people. For an someone that gets ignored by every passer by it makes a large impact when someone greets them and acts as if they actually care about their well being.

These small interactions can also not only change someones day into a positive experience but they may go on to change the day of another person into a positive experience, and so the ripple ripples.

I know when I’m having a bad day and I’m at the store and the cashier greets me with a warm smile and asks me how I’m doing and makes an effort with small talk to make the interaction a little more meaningful and less mundane, I know when I encounter this it puts a smile on my face and I’m able to let go of the negativity I may have been holding onto, and my day changes from bad to good (or at least okay) with this one small interaction.

So when you’re out living your life make sure to leave marks of kisses and kindness on all the beings you come into contact with. This way we can all make a small contribution to a more positive world.

Much love.

hand kiss anime



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    1. themindofamisunderstoodsoul says:

      Thank you! ❤


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