Shine Unconditionally

Does the sun ask itself “Am I bright? Am I enough?’

No. It burns and it shines, and it pours out bright light unconditionally.

Now you may be thinking “that’s because the sun isn’t conscious… duh”

Well, lets not get into the debate of consciousness right now, and that’s not the point.

The point is; we all have a burning bright light inside of us that we can shine to the world, but we tend to hide it away most of the time, because we’re afraid that maybe we’re not enough, that maybe our light isn’t bright enough or even worth shining on the world.

You can shine like the sun if you allow yourself to show your beautiful radiant light to the world. You can brighten your own life with your own light, and in the process your light will fall upon those in darkness guiding them to their pathway towards their own light.

Your light is so incredibly bright that its reach is boundless

Your light is so warm and powerful that its impact is unlimited.

Don’t underestimate your own ability.

Shine unconditionally.



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