Integrate the Ego

Do not destroy the ego. Integrate it into the self, as a necessary but not controlling mechanism of your mind. It is there to help guide you through your experiences, not to dictate or control your every thought and action. Without it we would be unable to get anything done, the ego helps us get necessary tasks done, but it can also get in the way of our true goals.

The ego is like an intelligent child that continuously asks you for more, more sweets, more play, more pleasure, more whatever, but you don’t just give the child what they want all the time.

With our ego we mustn’t give it what it wants all the time, we should treat it as a child that we care for and want to improve and grow. So we give it what is good for it, we give it that which will make it better, for itself and for others. We can reward it for its accomplishments and appropriate behaviour, but we must not submit to its every plea.


(“Don’t listen to that nonsense, you know better”- The Ego)



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