Narrow Your Focus, Broaden Your vision

There might be a limit or a parameter to how much you can change or to how much good you can do. You might not be able to save everyone, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to try. It’s still important to have that broad vision of saving everyone and changing the entire…

Existence is Experience

The world does not exist independently from those that witness it. The sun does not make light without eyes to see it. There is a mutual interdependence between you, or your conscious experience, and the entire universe. Without you as a conscious being there is no universe to experience, only through our conscious experience does…

Shine Unconditionally

Does the sun ask itself “Am I bright? Am I enough?’ No. It burns and it shines, and it pours out bright light unconditionally. Now you may be thinking “that’s because the sun isn’t conscious… duh” Well, lets not get into the debate of consciousness right now, and that’s not the point. The point is;…

Not Caring Is Not Letting Go

Acting like you don’t care is not letting go. Pretending that you don’t have any feelings or emotions is not the same as letting go of the attachment you have to your feelings and emotions. Let go of the attachment you have to your negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This doesn’t mean ignoring them or…

Leave stains of kisses

Let the marks you leave behind be kisses, not scars. Let the actions you’ve made create positivity, not negativity. We get to decide the mark we have on the world, we can leave a path of love and beauty, or we can leave a path of destruction and hate. In every moment that you live…

Soul Surfers.

I’m searching for the soul surfers The beings that live with a purpose The ones spreading love where the hurt is Making peace and pouring passion, Not waiting for the day they can cash it all in. They live for this day and Embrace the scarcity of fleeting time.  

Vacant Soul

My soul left me for another As I collapse amongst the stars   I’m surrounded by people But none seem to be Part of this journey.   I seem to be traveling Alone.   I have no road on which I can walk No sky on which I can gaze   Only my mind by…

Experience The Universe

We are here to experience the universe as itself, through the eyes of a human being. Embrace it. Feel. Put yourself out there, right on the edge, take it all in and tell us what you see. Everyone sees something different so share your experience with the world.   Inhale Universal truth. Exhale your truth.

Life Is a Dance.

Life is not a contest, but a dance. And a magnificent dance it is, with all its twists and twirls and jumps and dips and floating across the earth.

Love Found.

There is love to be found in this magnificent world. If not from your surroundings then from yourself, down inside of you is the love you have always longed for, just waiting for you to discover it.